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Hand crafted & Born in Colorado. Made with Platinum USA liquid nicotine.

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Premium E-Liquid Born in Colorado featuring Platinum grade USA liquid nicotine.

Over 150 hand crafted flavors made by Vapor Source, Colorado USA...

Vapor Source Manufacturing & Wholesale

Anyone can make e-liquid. Vapor Source’s goal is to take an e-liquid flavor and base and perfect the vapor production as well as taste down to the very “T”. With our own concoctions and inspirations married to a culinary skill, you can discover for yourself what makes our Vapor Source brand crush the pack. Take a look here to scale the science to our mouth-watering e-liquid flavors that will leave you day-dreaming upon your first vape.


For someone taking first steps to their transition into electronic cigarettes, we invite you to Vapor Source to gather all the information you may need to begin. From the basics of different parts (such as batteries, tanks, atomizers, etc.), we will not only inform you, but also match you to the starter kit that meets your own personal needs. Maintenance, cleaning, and operating are all crucial steps to properly using your electronic cigarette equipment, and there’s no such thing as a silly question. Please join us here at our own Vapor Source guide on how to make a successful and smooth transition into the vaping community.


If you’ve already had experience with the wide variety of different electronic cigarettes (basic, variable voltage, mod, etc.) and you’re ready to take your final step to the clouds, Vapor Source invites you to take a look here. Visit our workshop showcase, where we deliver expert advice and knowledge on how to maximize your vapor-cloud production. Check here to inform yourself on extraordinary builds, how to create a build specific to your personal needs/wants, and most importantly, how to operate your mechanical mod and rebuildable attachment safely.



Vapor Source is Southern Colorado’s leading vape shop providing customers with advanced knowledge in electronic cigarette products. With an outstanding amount of different products and flavored e-liquids (made in-house) and from highly respected vendors, Vapor Source is not only a licensed distributor of electronic cigarette goods, but is also a manufacturer. High-quality, durable, sleek, and Colorado-proud Vapor Source original products are only a small representation of the loyalty our company holds in the vaping community. Here at Vapor Source, we provide the best quality of products (whether they are manufactured by us, or just distributed), and top-notch customer service to make YOUR vaping experience easy, enjoyable, and hopeful in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Vapor Source strives that all our stores are a clean and friendly environment for all to experience. Our stores separate themselves as nicotine only based electronic cigarette establishments.



Vapor Source has gone “all out”, providing customers with manufactured products designed and customized in-house to meet a variety of consumers needs. Our mechanical know-how is that of all top brands. If you would like to purchase one of the Colorado accented mods please visit our online store here.


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What is an electronic cigarette? An electronic cigarette or “e-cig” is a number of components put together to make one single unit that delivers both nicotine and the hand-to-mouth action and visual of a traditional cigarette. To start with the basics, you have a battery (recharge-able, lithium-ion, varying mAh [battery size]), and some form of heating element that will turn e-liquid (flavorful nicotine fluid) into vapor. A few (but not limited to) examples of a components with heating elements will come in the form of an atomizer or tank. Here is where you’ll find more information on electronic cigarette equipment.


How would an electronic cigarette help me? A large portion of our customer basis derives of traditional cigarette smokers that intend to find a different method of delivering nicotine (or quitting nicotine altogether). Not only is the average addiction to nicotine a challenge, but half of the battle is quitting the habit (the hand-to-mouth motion). We find a lot of our customers speaking out along the lines, “With my cup of coffee-“ or “As soon as I start the car-“. This is not the same thing as, “I crave a cigarette with my coffee.”, but rather, “I’m adjusted to having a cigarette with my coffee.” The electronic cigarette is a brilliant adaptation of the addiction to the visual of smoking.


I’m still getting nicotine, why is this better for me than my smokes? Nicotine is not the harmful chemical in your cigarettes. It’s the way that it’s delivered. Though nicotine is still the part of the cigarette that is addictive, the part that is actually harmful to your body are the many other chemicals added into a cigarette, and of course, the tar. Electronic cigarettes produce a vapor that dissipates quickly into the air, leaving little- if any- odor at all (and the odor holds a resemblance to the flavor you have selected [fudge brownie, anyone?]). Though upon first drag, the vapor feels heavier, the contents are quickly absorbed into the sponges of your lungs, leaving no residue. There are three main ingredients in e-liquid. Take a look here to inform yourself on all the benefits.


There’s way too much too choose from, where/how do I start? Here is where you can begin to build a personal relationship with Vapor Source. Our associates are professionally trained on all the products that we carry. Not only can we match you to the electronic cigarette that benefits you best (physically, mentally, and financially), but we can share our own personal stories as well. Vapor Source is built upon honesty and faith, with our top priority being our customers. The door is open, will you walk through?


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